SDO usage example

Here's a sample of using SDO framework in WCS BOD controller commands. For update use-cases, one will use ChangeBusinessObjectMediator instead of ReadBusinessObjectMediator. Hope you'll find it useful.

SelectionCriteria aCriteria = new SelectionCriteria("{_wcf.ap='
IBM_Admin_CatalogEntryAttributes'}/CatalogEntry[CatalogEntryIdentifier[(UniqueID='11545')]]", "");
            ReadBusinessObjectMediator bom = DataServiceFacade.getInstance("").getReadNounMediator(aCriteria);
            Iterator iter1 = ((CatalogEntryType)bom.getNouns().get(0)).getCatalogEntryAttributes().getIterator();
            while (iter1.hasNext()) {
                CatalogEntryAttributesType attr = (CatalogEntryAttributesType);
                System.out.println("attribute: " + attr);



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