Xbox 360 with Kinect - Inntroduction to motion gaming

I'm not a video game fan. Neither on computer with mouse and keyboard; nor with gaming pad. However, if technology can make your TV interactive and fun, I'm all for it. That was my first introduction to motion gaming with Xbox 360 with Kinect in 2007. And I'm hooked since then.

So why I'm writing about it now? Because though the video game world has moved on and you have faster and better consoles like PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, the Xbox 360 with Kinect still holds its charm. And what's more - at a fantastic price. If you've not played with it yet, now's your chance.

What should you look for?
  • Immersive natural gaming without wires and controllers
  • Good amount of exercise while having fun
  • Improve your dancing skills with Dance central, Dance central 2 and Dance central 3
  • Avoid Kinect Adventures unless you're getting it for free. It's first generation Kinect game. It easily loses the player and keeps re-adjusting which is very irritating.
  • Play videos from Youtube, Netflix, Dailymotion etc.  
  • If you have a Windows Laptop/desktop, Xbox can stream media directly from the same. Though the number of formats is pretty limited.


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