Denon 2113: Saving and loading config

For a long time, I felt that saving configuration was almost useless considering how good Audessey is in configuring the amplifier for usage. But what I overlooked was - there were several other configuration that I did over period of time to suit my taste. e.g. front LED display brightness, input assignment, sound level display etc. And all this was lost in one power spike!!

That's when I decided that I must save the configuration. That went smooth. But when the time came to restore the config, I hit another roadblock - the web UI won't allow me to upload my config!!! After hours of wasted efforts on the internet and my usual cynicism towards call-center helpdesk in India, I made an accidental discovery. The web URL on the upload form was WRONG!!!

If you're having the same issue with restoring your configuration, here's the correct HTML form.

<FORM name="loadConfigForm" action="https://<ip-address>/goform/formSaveLoad_LoadConfig
" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">


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