RO purifier maintenance

RO Purifier provides best water quality. However, maintaining the same can be a costly affair. If you learn about the purifier, you can save some money by maintaining it yourself. Note that all pipe fittings are push-fit type.

When to change filters?
Usually it is recommended to change the filters between 6 months to one year. However a more accurate time would be when the water goes worse than an acceptable limit. For this, a TDS measuring instrument comes handy.

If TDS is above 200ppm, you can start with changing individual cartridges till you achieve desired TDS.

Spanner is used to open pre-sediment filter cartridge and RO membrane cartridge.

Spun filter
Spun filter is used inside pre-sediment filter cartridge.

Inline sediment and pre-carbon filter
These are marked prominently inside the purifier. Just replace both noting the flow direction.

RO membrane
Since this is the most expensive component, you should replace it the last.

UV light
The normal life of a UV light is 1 year. After that, it turns less effective.

What doesn't work?
  • I've tried following RO membrane and it was totally ineffective.


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