PCB Design in GNU Emacs


For fun, here's a Gerber file generated from SVG footprints drawn in GNU Emacs.

Note: gerbv displays polygon pad incorrectly as circle in fast mode. You should use use normal mode for this. Or else use gerbview.

If you have properly modeled footprints (1:1 scale, XY plane of the 3D model on the PCB and origin at the center of the bounding box), then you can easily generate 3D view of the assembly. In this screenshot, you can see the generated model being rendered by view3dscene. The code expects eda:url attribute to point to the 3D model (.wrl file for VRML 2.0). The shape with eda:type="board" is used as the PCB.

(require 'gerber)
(setq canvas-plugin-map pcb-canvas-map)




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