Chronicles of Emacs : The Editor and the T-shirt

T-shirt pattern


You can generate a preliminary pattern based on your measurements for a custom fit T-shirt using GNU Emacs. This will generate an SVG image which you can print and use for tailoring. Don't forget to add allowance for seams.

- Set your measurements in tailor.el

(defun tailor--bust (svg)
  (let* ((cmds nil)
         (body-length    72)
         (chest          56)
         (waist          56)
         (shoulder       48)
         (sleeve-length  21)
         (arm-hole       26.5)
         (neck-back      5)
         (neck-front     10)
         (neck-opening   17)
         (sleeve-opening 19)

- Evaluate buffer using menu or M-x eval-buffer .

- Execute M-x tailor to generate the SVG.





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